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Understanding climate change and keeping sustainable development in mind, our school has adopted various green practices which include the following measures:

Measures to ensure energy efficiency:

  • Solar Energy: Our school has installed solar panels. The output power of each panel is 325 watt and the output voltage is 24 volts which contributes in reducing the carbon footprint.
  • School has also Installed LED fixtures & energy efficient fans to further improve energy efficiency.

Water Conservation: To conserve water which is our most precious resource, our school has incorporated rainwater harvesting system which stores the rainwater and helps reuse this natural resource and enhance the groundwater table.

Waste Management: We ensure segregation of school waste by providing separate bins and ensuring organic waste reuse by creating compost pits.

Green Cover : We have an elaborate green cover in the school which includes not just the outside area but also inside the classrooms, corridors &  reception area.

Eco-friendly Commuting:  The school also encourages students & teachers to adopt environmentally-friendly transit systems like using the school bus, public transport & pooling to minimize environmental impact from automobile use.