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Principal’s Message

Every aspect of the teaching learning process has undergone radical paradigm shifts. This era is replete with an information explosion. Everything that we can teach students is available at the click of a button of a tech savvy generation.

Time waits for none. As teachers and educators, it is doubly important for us to keep pace with the ever moving arms of the clock. The future has to be heralded by the children of today. The job, therefore, of mentoring these young minds and nurturing their talent to be the spearheads of tomorrow falls onto the world weary shoulders of teachers. And this is where the teacher in me could not but be proud and filled with a sense of duty to partake a small part of the said responsibility.

Education it is rightly believed is the bedrock of development. It is a vital instrument for social and economic change at a personal level and at a national level, an instrument for transformation of society. A teacher today is required to impart values along with knowledge . At S D Vidya, it is our foremost aim to provide a perfect blend of modern education synergised with Gurukul values in order to weave a firm moral fibre in the students’ personality. We strive to ensure a holistic learning experience which is an essential prerequisite for preparing confident, competent, committed and, hopefully, compassionate future citizens.

We hope to showcase a glimpse of the utopia that these children can create by providing them the tools to do so. I am optimistic about this journey and am confident that it will be the road every student shall gladly travel towards a life of success, empathy and happiness.

I believe in open communication. Please feel free to contact me as I look forward to a meaningful partnership with anyone who shares my enthusiasm and commitment to providing excellence in education. Looking ahead to a productive and fulfilling academic year!

Ms. Kavita Nath